About Us

The Simone Team is a group of professional Realtors with many years of real estate experience.  We have been helping Buyers and Sellers in your area exceed their real estate goals for years.  We are extremely aggressive negotiators which leads to exceptional results.  We are innovative thinkers and have some creative ways of adding a lot of value for our clients.  We also pride ourselves on being ACCESSIBLE, which isn't the case with many agents today.  This is our full-time job...making one happy customer at a time.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy centers around exceptional customer service.   We pride ourselves on adding tremendous value to all our clients.   We bend over backwards and go the extra mile to make sure everyone receives more than they thought possible.   We believe that taking the time to educate our clients benefits everyone involved and generates substantial results.   We treat everyone ethically and fairly.   Our experience and strong negotiating skills allows us to get the absolute most for our clients.  Our goal is to leave such a lasting impression that you will think of us whenever you hear someone mention real estate in the future.


Chris & Francine Simone - Broker/Realtors/Mortgage Brokers/MBA
For more information for Buyers and Sellers, please visit us at: www.TheSimoneTeam.com
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